AC/DC - Nick Of Time


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(Young, Young, Johnson)
Wrong track, wrong line
First train to run on time
Bad blood, bad news
Long rope, got nothing to lose
Mad bull seeing red
Coming at me, happy when I'm dead
Jump a fence, get away
Ain't got a liking for the games he plays
What you gonna do?

Everybody trying to find you guilty
Make you wanna toe the line
Saved by, saved in the nick of time
I was saved in the nick of time

Slow plane, hard rain
Cold sweat and I feel the strain
Look down, no ground
Black sky, just the engine sound
Bail out, goodbye
Take my chances, I don't wanna die
Count ten, just pray
The nick of time can save me any day
What you gonna do?

Everybody love a hero, honey
Living on a danger line
Saved by, saved in the nick of time
Yeah, saved in the nick of time

Lose sleep, get grief
Some day get no relief
Quick punch, closed eye
You didn't knew it and you wonder why
Lynch mob on your tail

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