Blue Oyster Cult - Deadline


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( — D. Roeser — )
You said you'd be here at a quarter to five
I didn't know if you were dead or alive
How long d'you think that I could sharpen my knife
I've got better things to do with my life

It's almost the deadline
Don't miss the deadline, darling
When all your bad dreams will come true
Don't miss the deadline
It's almost the deadline, darling
I wouldn't want it to happen to you

Bill screamed at him, and he hung up the phone
I wonder if he ever felt more alone
He never finished his coffee that night
The (????) oh! Dave, it was a terrible sight

He missed the deadline
He passed the deadline, darling
And I believe that somehow he knew
He crossed the deadline
He passed the deadline, darling
There wasn't a thing anybody could do

Listen my darling, now, don't play with fire
You find a way to balance hate and desire

It's almost the deadline

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