Yello - Night Flanger


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I wake up in the evening
The sun is still around
The street seems to be busy
I hear the traffic sounds

Last night's been lousy
I had a lot to drink
Too many dry martinis
And cans of beer to sink

Another day, already night
Blue neon light
Blue neon light

I could call my Rhianna
Ask her to meet me now
I think I lost her number
It's too late anyhow
I could turn on the TV
Or I could stay in bed

These Asians drive me crazy
These Asians drive me mad

Another day, already night
Blue neon light
Blue neon light

Night is near
I'm still in bed
Red curtain
Soft wind
And I was red

On the papers
On the floor
We did watch possessed

People, push and pull it
Moss turf, and other lads
My head's still full of poison
What I do is insane
I should, perhaps, move out of here
Or take a plane to Spain

Refrigerator's noise
I'll get out, the only choice
Should I get up right now
Wait for me somehow
Don't wanna know what for
To get out of this door
Should I phone Debbie Meier?

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Этот текст песни называется Yello - Night Flanger и как песню его исполнил Yello, исполнитель размещенный у нас в разделе на букву Y. Его загрузил на сайт Lev-Goldman. Другие тексты данного исполнителя вы можете найти в разделе Yello. Помните, что все тексты песен Yello принадлежат их авторам и представлены здесь только для ознакомления.
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