Accept - Breaker

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Rollin' just like thunder,
tryin' to get you down
Mistreatin' ev'rythin',
if you were king he'd take your crown
If you were adead man
he'd take ya from your grave
He will not mourn for you or me

Happines he cannot feel
and love to him is so unreal
He burns like hell, he wants you dead,
alltogether hate's all he feel
Movin' like a spider' killin' off a fly
No hands, just fists, no heart, just rocks

Icicle brains
Bicycle chains

Rulin' like a tyrant,
teasin' ev'ryone around
He drags his legs, he plants his feet,
he's botherin' the ground
Here and now this man
you see plans his terror free
He's born to rule, a king to be

Icicle brains
Bicycle chains

He's a breaker
He will take ya
Destroyin' all around you
He's a breaker
He's a taker
He'd kill, maim, destroy to the end

Movin' like a spider,
preyin' on the rest
Rulin' like a tyrant,
tyrannosaurus rex
You could be a dead man,
and you won't know why

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