Алсу - Butter Wouldn't Melt

Текст песни

do you think I don't know why
you keep on hangin' around
will u get it in your head,
that honey there's a crowd
i can see right through your smile
you got a master plan
try to get your claws in my man,oh...yeah

all call number with held
text message you sent
love letters on his car
it's got to end....
too bad that you been taking
my man you must be dreaming
don't act like
the butter wouldn't melt in your mouth
nice try but girl stop your fishing
he's mine so keep wishing
that's your time
the butter wouldn't melt in your mouth

when the two of us go out
you alway showing off
alway standing much too close
well girl i have enough
you just can't wait to make your move
but the moment that you do
i'll be waiting.....oh .....yeah

all call number with held
text message you sent
love letter on his car
it's got to end ......

(repeat chorus)

with the fleak of your hair
fake mascarra stare you think
any man would at your feet yeah
he got you sussed out
know what you're all about
that boy yeah he's loving me

(repeat chorus 2 times)

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