Accept - Mistreated


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I've been hurt so many times
And been told so many lies
No one vares what's on my mind
At all
I feel lost while on my own
There's no place I call home
But I just still want to believe
I've not been mistreated
Not been mistreated
It's my heart that goes on
To believe there's someone
Who needs me to carry on
'Till the end I'm holding on
I've not be mistreated
Not be mistreated
I know in ways — have to be strong
Pouring my strain — It's furning out wrong
Feels like a stream of endless old fears
But I still want to believe
These are the days when dreams are lost
Bleeding in vain and wearing the cost
Of nonpaid lies — I'm crying for help
But I still want to believe
I've tried more that once before
To find out what I've done wrong
Still don't know how to go on

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