Blue Oyster Cult - Blind Faith


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Written by Marc Ferrari and Tommy Thayer
Performed by Fair Game

Soul searching for the truth
Stranded on a ship of fools
Tempest tossed upon a sea of lies
Who's making up these rules

A false promise, a dirty deal
You'll do anything for power
Watch you cutting off everything real
In your ivory tower

Oh, no,
The whole world's turning to greed and lust
Oh, yeah
It's devilous
Believe what you want, but don't put your trust
In blind faith
(Time after time, it's a crime
When the blind lead the blind)
So don't put your trust in blind faith
(Lies lead to lies every time,
When it's all in your mind)

Beware of sleeping dogs
They run with every pack
They'll lie right to your face
And stab you in the back

They only want to hide the truth
And dig you deeper in the hole
You better look before you leap
'Cause you can't trust a soul


Oh they get up and leave you
They just want to deceive you
Ain't no rhyme or reason
Just don't get taken for a fool

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